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Our Mission

The Gullah culture has influenced so much of today's society in our arts, cuisine, music, and human rights that it is our belief they should be truly celebrated and be widely known. 


Our mission is to educate and inspire people of all races and all backgrounds, not just in Hilton Head, but world-wide about this incredible Gullah heritage. 

Our Products 

Gone Gullah products are for their fashion-forward, on-trend designs with several recognizable motifs.


The anchor is a symbol of the Gullah community. With the cross in the center being representative of the Church, which is very important to the Gullah people and always will be, and the waves and anchor are representative of water in the Lowcountry and the Sea Islands where Gullah people come from.  The Devilled Crab is classic Lowcountry and is popular in many of our lifestyle products, especially pillows!


We embrace trends like tie-dye and styles like cropped hoodies, to give you stylish wear that’s not just a basic t-shirt. Of course, in this day in age, we even have face coverings at Gone Gullah. You will find phone cases and tanks, mugs and sweats, among others. 

Why the anchor?


Learn more about why our founder chose the Anchor and what it means to the Gullah community and those who wear it. 

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